How to get free RIOT Points in LOL – No Fake Generator

One of the things that every LOL player eventually searches in Google is how to get free riot points in League of Legends. That’s because the stuff you can buy in the Riot Store is expensive, and spending real money on these items can be outside of many people’s budget. So, people try to get RP codes or learn how to get free RP in LOL. The good news is, there are some ways that you can do that.

The bad news is, there are some ways that you can endanger your account and possibly even your personal information if you aren’t careful. That’s why we have come up with the best ways that you can get free Riot Points in LOL legitimately. Don’t just go to any site that claims to have free RP League of Legends codes, generators or offers, because there are only a few ways that will actually work. Let’s take a look at all of them in turn.

What You Can Use Riot Points for in LOL

What You Can Use Riot Points for in LOL

Before getting into the various ways that you can get free points, let’s discuss some of the ways that Riot Points can be used. If you are an experienced player, then you probably already know this stuff, and you can feel free to skip to the methods below. However, for new players, it can be useful not only to know what you can spend your Riot Points on, but also where you go to buy them or trade them for items.

The first thing that you need to understand is that Riot Points are one of two currencies in game that you purchase with real-world money. The other type of currency is called Blue Essence, and it cannot be purchased with money. Instead, you have to disenchant the champion shards that are contained in champion capsules.

But as for Riot Points, they can be used for a lot of different things. First, understand how you normally purchase them. You can connect your PayPal account and buy them in game (how many you can buy will depend upon the server you’re in) or you can go to one of the approximately 50 retailers (including online retailers like Amazon) and buy a gift card to redeem in game. You can find out who all of the different retailers are that sell LOL gift cards by going here.

League of Legends Prepaid Game Cards

As for what you can spend your Riot Points on, you can purchase champions or skins, purchase bundles, crafting materials necessary to rank your account, emotes, summoner icons, XP boosts, rune pages or change your summoner name. You can also use them to transfer to another server. Riot Points are the primary way that League of Legends makes money to keep the game going, so there are plenty of ways that you can use them.

How NOT to Get Free Riot Points

Of course, the first thing that we want to talk about is how NOT to get free riot points. What you have to understand is that League of Legends is one of the most popular games ever created, and at the time of this guide, there are approximately 100 million registered players. That makes scammers come out of the woodwork. There are a couple of scams that you want to watch out for.

First, there are lots of phishing attempts out there. Often, sites will even build identical replicas to the LOL website and try to get you to enter your game information or login so that you can get “free” Riot Points or an RP gift card. The goal of these phishing attempts is to collect leads for companies and get paid. But they aren’t going to give you any Riot Points for giving them the leads.

The second thing that these sites will do is attempt to get you to download a free LOL RP “generator” which might actually be malicious software that will share all of your banking and personal information with hackers, or it might be a virus that destroys your entire computer.

So, do not go looking for “free” Riot Points. Use the methods listed here only. These are the only legitimate ways that we know of to get points without spending real money for them. All you are going to find at the end of a journey to get “free RP” from other websites is a lot of heartache and trouble.

LOL Free RP Contests & Gifts

League of Legends Free RP through Referrals

Just a quick note here to let you know that while Riot previously had a program called Refer-a-Friend that would give you Riot Points for referring 10 people to the game, the program has since been disbanded due to abuse. However, you can still get Riot Points through referrals, although sort of in a round-about way, by referring people to the survey sites listed below. They have referral programs that will allow you to earn Riot Points without actually doing any surveys yourself, but you have to refer people to them that are going to do their own surveys and earn points. They don’t have to be LOL players, or working towards LOL points on their surveys.

They just have to be actively participating in doing surveys on the site. Check out the two survey sites that we have listed below to find out more details on their respective referral programs.

LOL Free RP Contests & Gifts

There are some instances in which you might be able to get free Riot Points through various contests and gifts that are done by Riot themselves. There have been instances in the past for example where people above a certain level that had never been banned were rewarded with some Riot Points there are also a few different contests that are put on by Riot to reward players with points so watch out for Riot contest news to keep yourself updated.

However, remember that Riot’s goal is to make money, especially to make enough money to keep the game going, so they aren’t going to do very much to get free Riot Points to players. They want you to buy them. In fact, they need you to buy them in order to keep enjoying the game that you love.

Of course, you can also look at third-party contests that offer gifts that you can turn into Riot Points. Remember that earlier we mentioned that Amazon was one of the websites where you could buy a points card. Well, there are tons of different contents all over the web that offer an Amazon gift card as a prize. You can then turn that Amazon gift card into credit that you can use to purchase a Riot Points gift card and add those points to your account.

Just make sure that you only enter legitimate contests and that the website doesn’t require you to install anything that could be dangerous or asks too much personal information. Amazon will even add a $5 credit to your account for installing their app, which is another thing that you might want to look for when it comes to entering contents. Some companies may even give you an Amazon gift card for installing and using their app.

Finally, you might want to tell your friends and family members that if they are going to get you a birthday or holiday gift, that they should get you a Riot Points gift card. Then you can simply add those points to your account. Not everyone will be compliant, but you might get a few extra Riot Points cards throughout the year which will allow you to buy some extra champions or skins for them.

Free RP by Using Bing

One of the things that is currently happening in the world of search engines is that Bing is trying really hard to become a more popular search tool. To that end, they are looking for different ways that they can entice people to use their browser and search engine. Search engines make money through advertising, and without enough people using the search engine, no one is going to advertise. So, one of the things that Bing has decided to do is offer certain rewards to people for using the Bing search engine.

The program is called Microsoft Rewards, and it can be found here:

Microsoft Rewards

You’ll have to create a Microsoft account if you do not already have one, as well as install the current MS browser and use Bing for searches. Don’t expect to earn enough rewards for get Riot Points very fast though. This is a long-term program that may allow you to cash in for Riot Points a few times a year. Plus, most experts consider Google to be the most effective search engine out there, so you may get a reduced user experience by using Bing. However, this is just one more way that you can add to your arsenal to allow you to get free Riot Points and buy some stuff through the store.

Free Riot Points in LOL through Legitimate Survey Sites

If you are looking for Garen-teed free Riot Points on survey sites (sorry for the bizarre pun), then these are definitely not going to be for you. We have discussed other free RP codes no survey methods here that you should take a look at. But if you are not opposed to surveys, then there are a couple of legitimate sites that may actually be able to help you get some Riot Points.

But before we get into how you can earn free Riot Points and what these websites are, specifically, you need to understand how this program works and you should know the work involved before you begin. Survey sites are not the way to make money and you should only choose this option if you have no other way to get Riot Points. You are going to spend hours and hours filling out boring surveys, many of which will take you almost all the way to the end only to tell you that you didn’t qualify, which means that all of that time filling out the previous information is wasted.

Even if you are able to complete surveys, you are only going to earn a couple of dollars to towards Riot Points for every hour that you work. However, if you don’t have any other options, here are a couple of legit places to do surveys that will give you Riot Points in trade.

Points Prizes

Earn Free RP For League Of Legends

Points prizes is one of those survey sites mentioned earlier that has a referral program. If you refer enough people to them then you can earn RP for LOL without doing any of those surveys yourself. However, you can also complete surveys. Depending upon where you live in the world, you may only be eligible for a few offers or you might have lots of different options.

The biggest area served in the United States.

Prize Rebel

League of Legends Game Card Riot Points

Prize Rebel is the only other legitimate survey site that we know about. Keep in mind before you begin that in order to get a $10 League of Legends RP gift card, you are going to need to earn 1000 points through Prize Rebel by completing surveys. This could be a very long process that could legitimately take you weeks to complete. You will have to search through the offers that are available to you and calculate how long it will take you to finish enough surveys to earn that 1000 points.

Free League of Legends RP Using PayPal

Free League of Legends RP Using PayPal

So, if you have reached this place in the guide then you are probably getting really frustrated with all of the options – because none of them look that great or are going to get you the RP points that you need to get that champion that you want or have the skins that you have been salivating over. Well, there are some additional ideas that we have come up with that may help you to get some LOL points. The problem is, you are going to have to do some work for them.

There are lots of places where you can work online doing some kind of service and earn money through PayPal. Then, you can simply buy yourself some Riot Points with your PayPal account. For example, if you go on Fiverr and find some kind of service that you are willing to provide for $5 – such as writing a short article or doing graphic design services, programming or editing – then you will be able to buy a $10 Riot Points card or spend money in game for Riot Points after just a few of these services.

There are lots of other places around the web where you can earn money through PayPal. You just have to figure out what you are good at and then look for those sites that will pay you for doing them. Just don’t go with the survey sites. They are just as bad as the ones that pay you in Riot Points. It will take you a very long time to earn enough money to get points using survey sites. However, you might be able to find someone that is willing to pay you $50 to create them a logo for their business.

If you are good at WordPress development, you can probably find companies and individuals that need their WordPress installation configured or need a specific widget created.

You just have to figure out what you have to offer and then look for ways that you can provide those services and get paid through PayPal. If you aren’t currently working, then spending a couple of hours a day earning money will definitely help you get the cash you need for Riot Points, and you probably have the time. If you have a job already, then it might be more difficult to find the time, but it is still doable.

Outside-the-Box Free RP LOL Methods

Of course, there are other ways that you can get Riot Points within the game or among game players if you think outside of the box. For example, if you go on the forums and post that you want to get some Riot Points and you offer to draw a picture of someone’s character or ask what people would want for them to buy you some Riot Points, you may be able to find some takers.

The bottom line is that you are either going to have to do some work for Riot Points or you are going to have to look over your budget carefully and try to figure out what you can cut out that will allow you some extra cash for Riot Points. While there are a few legitimate ways that you can earn free Riot Points, they aren’t perfect methods, and they take almost as much work in some cases as you would put in if you got a part-time job to earn points. However, hopefully these methods have given you some ideas that ou can work with.

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