League Of Legends Accounts

If you are looking for level 30 Unranked accounts, you have come to the right place. We offer the cheapest accounts on the market and we can also help you with ranked accounts that has impressive rankings from Gold to Platinum.

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Instant Account Delivery

As soon as you order a LoL Smurf account, it will be delivered. Our systems work all year round, any time of day – no waiting necessary! Just pay and play!

Lifetime Guarantee!

All our accounts come with a free lifetime guarantee and the very best customer support. If you should experience any issues with your League of Legends Account, you can rest assured knowing that you’re covered! No need to worry about losing all that progress!

Easy Secure Payment

Make payments using our fast and secure system. Our site is secured using SSL technology and PayPal is used for payment processing, ensuring that your details are kept completely safe at all times.

Hand Levelled Accounts

Your LoL account will be levelled up by real players using a wide variety of methods – just as though you were putting in the time itself. It’s completely undetectable, which is how we’ve managed to accomplish the lowest ban rate in the niche. Not sure? Then just check out our countless positive reviews!


About Us

We provide the premium service on the net for buying and levelling League of Legends accounts. Our service is the fastest, safest and most secure and will help you get the edge over the competition with no risk or being banned. All accounts are completely guaranteed with round-the-clock support. Buy with confidence and then get to work trashing the competition!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are accounts sold by lol smurf accounts “botted accounts”?

LOL Smurf Accounts guarantees that all accounts are leveled manually, by hand or by humans, without use of legal or illegal software.

How long will it take after I make a purchase for LOL Smurf Accounts to deliver my account?

We generally deliver your account details and instructions on how to use the account in just 1-4 minutes after your purchase.

What should I do if I did not receive my account details after I made my purchase?

Please check your e-mail’s spam inbox to see if our email was marked as spam. If you can’t find our account details email in your inbox or spam folder, please contact us here.

What name will be assigned to the account I purchase?

We provide our accounts with completely randomized names. We do however guarantee that they will sound catchy and creatively named, as if named by a real human. If you still do not like the name of the account we provide, you may request a name change that will cost you 13,900 IP in the game’s shop.

How can I contact lolsmurfaccounts.Com?

We offer email support around the clock. Please navigate to the contact us page on this website to submit a form with your query. Alternatively, you can use the email address we have provided on the contact us page to directly send us an email.

How will you deliver the account I order from lol smurf accounts?

Upon purchase of your lolsmurfaccounts.com account, you will immediately receive an email with the account credentials.