The city of Gold has a lot to offer and honestly, it can be pretty overwhelming to see everything in a short trip. From magnificent skyscrapers to beaches with a huge variety and all sorts of public, is all very exciting. 

Pro tip: Before slapping on sunscreen, make sure you have thorough knowledge of laws and regulations as well as etiquettes of the place.

  • Must Visits

Here is a list of all the sightseeing places which are a must to visit on a trip to Dubai.

Came to Dubai and didn’t see the Burj Khalifa? The most talked about structure in the world has a lot to offer than just skyscrapers. Burj Khalifa is not only just visible from every corner of the city but has a very tempting Dubai Mall to offer on its ground floor which no one can resist. The look is completed when paired with the dancing fountain with lights and music.

You must try the restaurants which offer beautiful views of the city along with Burj Khalifa which can make up anyone’s evening. Burj Khalifa is also known to be the only 7 star hotel in the world which itself speaks a whole lot about the city and its beauties.

Because the city is mostly hot and humid thus water parks are its major tourist attraction – of locals as well – which is always full of audience and offers some really amazing surprises. Why should kids have all the fun? The water slides and adventurous river sides are to die for. Leave your kids in the kids’ area and have some solo fun.

If you want to have fun at full extent then choose the time between November to March as these are the months which offer the best touring experience. Summers can be pretty daunting as you can swim in your own sweat – gross – which no one wants to.

To have the real taste of Dubai and its rich history before all the shenanigans, head to Dubai creeks where you get to know all the fun stuff and explore a tale of olden city where every single artifact is found.

Fun Fact: Dubai creeks are much more evolutionized versions of museums making them a hell lot of fun and hell less boring.

The changing world of Dubai has been making high advancements as it promises to bring flying cars to Dubai in the coming year of 2020. Try planning your trip in the early 2020 so you get to have fun to its fullest heights as it has a lot more than just skyscrapers to offer. A whole new Dubai city is coming to life for this Dubai Expo 2020.

As long as the food is concerned, try opting for street pan food as it offers a wholesome variety of some really good Afghani, Irani, Yemeni and Pakistani etc food. The cousinie is rich and you will be very happy to explore Dubai.