Canada settlement is known to be one of the safest countries in the world and it shouldn’t come as a shock to know that there are myths surrounding even this as well. So here we will be debunking some of the bizarre myths about Canada post settlement and its refugees:

  • Canada is not any better than U.S

U.S certainly doesn’t have a good reputation amongst refugee claims as people fear of being deported and reported to their origin country which could result in persecution and violence on them. Whereas if we talk about Canada, then we see that it is a far better place to live and survive where as the government does not pose any threat or harm to them the refugee claimants.

  • Canada does not accept refugee claimants

This is not true because according to 1951 Refugee convention, those people whose lives are threatened and their freedom is at stake can cross the border and Canada cannot close its doors on them. Everyone has a right to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution even those who do not have proper documents with them.

  • Refugee claimants may have to wait years

If you think that claiming refugee in Canada is simple then you must be right, but thinking that the claim will be accepted in a short or considered amount of time is not a very good thought. If you wish to claim refugee in Canada instead of being a proper immigrant then you have to know that you will be asked to wait longer period of time which can also conclude in years. If you are in no such serious troubles in your origin country, then having proper documentation would be a good idea.

  • Refugees’ living expenses are covered by the government

Yes this is true that their expenses are covered by the government, but to a certain level. Canadian government is responsible for refugee claimants’ healthcare and other necessities but there are many things which they are not allowed to enjoy. Because their living expenses and amount is divided between governments this is why they are stripped off the basic necessities which a normal citizen can enjoy. This could include healthcare, entertainment and many other such provincial services.