Laser teeth whitening utilizes a special kind of laser to remove stains in your teeth and promote new tooth development. This is a relatively safe cosmetic procedure that can also be very effective. It is a painless procedure, doesn’t take long at all, and can even be done at home. There are several types of laser tooth whiteners on the market today, including at-home systems. You should choose an at-home system that is right for you, and your dentist.

When was Teeth Whitening Introduced?

Laser teeth whitening in Dubai is a fairly new cosmetic procedure. It was only introduced in the late 1990s. Prior to that, whiteners were performed by dentists using bleach and other harmful chemicals. The new bleaching gel contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that act like a bleaching agent to remove stains. Some of these stains can include coffee, tobacco, and age.

What are the Old Ways of Teeth Whitening?

Before laser teeth whitening, there were a few different options available like same day dental implants in Dubai. Some of those options included dental trays and lasers. In dental trays, the patient would wear dental trays for several hours over the course of several days or weeks. This type of treatment could sometimes cause dental irritation and even lead to dental decay.

What are the Benefits of Lasers and Gels?

One of the most popular options for laser teeth whitening is the use of lasers and gels. These can be applied to teeth, cheeks, and the area below the gum line. The lasers work by applying heat to target the stain. The laser teeth whitening gel then works by creating a chemical reaction with the bleach, causing the stain to break down into lighter shades.

Should Patients with Gum and Teeth Sensitivity Get this Treatment?

For patients who have sensitive teeth or gums, this can be a significant drawback. It is also important to note that in-office bleaching treatments can be expensive. Many patients choose to consider these treatments because they want to be able to afford them, but they might not be affordable for many people.

What Most Dentists Recommend?

Many dental professionals will recommend that their patients to purchase at least two additional at-home laser teeth whitening trays. One of the trays should contain a milder shade of bleach, while the second should contain a stronger bleaching solution. Most dentists will also give their patients an extra set of dental trays to bring home when they leave the office. The extra trays can typically be washed at home before use.