Ever wonder who came up with the idea of birthdays and celebrating them?! Birthdays have been celebrated since early times and by early times, it means since B.C and A.D. in those times, people used to remember according to the weather like, if a prophet was born anywhere in winter or summer, people used to pick a day and celebrated that day but these days were not specified. Because some people claimed near winter or some in mid winter and so, this was how people reminded themselves. Christmas or Eid ul Fitr are the days which are celebrated because Jesus and Muhammad came into being on these dates. The confirmation of these dates is based on long research and evidence or history but we don’t go that much in details.

Birthday is a day which can never be changed and it sticks with you till death, well death day of prophets and some big names are celebrated in different cultures and in different part of the world. But there is more than this on how birthdays actually got their fame and became an important day to the world. First thanks goes to the Egyptians, when the first Pharaoh was crowned as king he was said to become as kind of god. This happened near 3000 B.C. and since then the crown celebration was just like any other birthday that we do in now days.

The second thanks goes to the Greek especially for the birthday candles, in old Greek times, for the worship of the goddess Artemis was known for her beauty and leadership skills. People used to worship and praise her beauty by lightning moon shaped candles to recreate the glowing radiance. The candles were a tribute to sending her signals or prayers. So, the blowing of the candles with a wish is a way of sending a prayer, message or wish to the gods.

The only birthday which benefits a whole country is the birthday of Sheikh Zayed of UAE. And if anyone especially children have the same birthday then it will be the best kids birthday party in Dubai and there will be countless activities for kids in Dubai. On this day everything is either 50% or 70% on all things in UAE. This is the only king who makes sure everyone is happy for birthday.