It is important to note that each state governs separately the non-medical residential health facilities for the opening of a residential care facility for elderly people. In some jurisdictions, the local health department oversees these facilities; in other states, such as Georgia’s Regulatory Services and Iow’s Elderly Department.

Decide whether you are building an “assisted living” facility that offers independent living facilities like self-contained apartments in a controlled resort; or a residential and care facilities. The latter form of facility would allow you to provide more personal care facilities, such as dressing, food and bathing assistance.

  • Rent or buy an appropriate property which has sufficient space to open the facility. You can fit between 6 and 15 in common rooms in a residential board and health care facility and an ex-family home for this kind of company can be perfect. You should share a single bedroom with up to two people so that you have at least a house with three bedrooms and larger bedrooms. Renew and build the building. If you are to be given permission to open the building, the premises have to pass fire safety inspection and the toilets have grab bars in all toiletries, showers and bathrooms. All the bedrooms have to include a bed, chair, night stand, reader light and drawers for each occupant, all of which are required for furniture, flame retardant mattresses and pillows.
  • Classroom preparation is 40 hours complete. A prospective owner of residential care facilities must take classes to receive a certificate. Administrators in USA or UK, for example, must take an extra 40 hours each two years of college. Personnel should also be trained on the job. In the case of dementia, special training also occurs in this area.
  • Hire, secure the workers and bind them. Although the rules do not specify the required number of employees, there must be at least one person who is able to help individual residents 24 hours a day. Criminal regulations must be carried out in their context.
  • License submission. License application. Get a security bond and collect documents required to submit your application. These include a declaration on consumer cash, a monthly financial statement, reports on the budget, staff details and documents, and a fire inspection report.

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