There are a lot of people in the world who prefer ancient therapies over conventional treatments. The reason of preference is not only because the conventional medicines have a larger side effect profile but because you don’t have to get ancient therapies thrice a day like conventional medicines.

They are time saving as you just have to go once or twice a week for the ancient therapies and you don’t feel the burden of carrying the medicines along with you. Not all of the ancient therapies are still in practice but a few of them have gained popularity among the modern people.

Bloodletting is one of the most ancient therapies. It involves the removal of blood from the body by the help of leeches. It was done to balance the ‘humors’ or the fluids of the body. Ancient people believed that a complete balance of body fluids was necessary to stay healthy. So the withdrawn blood was said to have toxins of the body.

Trepanning was another therapy used in the ancient days. It was done by making holes in the skull or other body parts to release any trapped pressures underneath. It is said to be the oldest method of surgery.

Acupuncture is another therapy in which small pins are inserted into the skin of the body. It is used to treat pain and is really helpful in stress management. It involves the balancing of flow of energy also known as chee or qi. fertility acupunture dubai is the most popular clinic for acupuncture in all over Dubai. They are famous for their well experienced staff and their professional behavior.

Last but not the least is the Hijama cupping therapy, also known as the cup therapy because it includes the use of cups, made of different materials, usually silicon as they help in giving a massage even. Wet and dry, both the cupping techniques required a flammable substance which is lit and then the cup is inverted over the skin, which expands the vessels as it cools down. Wet technique also involves the withdrawal of blood containing toxins out of the body, by making incisions with a scalpel on the skin.

All these techniques don’t work on a particular disease but help in maintaining body fluids or flow of energy and withdrawal of toxins from the body along the blood, which improves the overall health of the person.