Personal coaching is a learning process. This term is not only limited to exercising or sports field but it is also used in life, executive, business, dating and career. Personal coaching is an agreement between two people out of which one is the coach and the other is client. Client hires a personal coach to seek assistance from him to achieve certain goals, results, interests and objectives.

How do personal trainers motivate their clients?

Personal trainers can use any strategy to make their clients to follow them, these strategies or ways of teaching can be reflections, requests, discussion or enquiry and these strategies make them clients work in order to achieve goals be ot for their businesses, relationships, weight loss or development.

Where does the coaching take place?

Coaching takes place at any decided spot which is decided by the client to get the training so it becomes possible for the trainer as well to observe it all. They negotiate and decide considering mutual feasibility and then make decisions,targets and rules accordingly.

The coach shows and interprets the progress level of the client and what they have observed.

Coach helps the client to learn some skills and when the client finally meets the goals and gets able to achieve the desired milestone then they both appreciate and celebrate it.

It should be noted that personal coaching should not be confused with therapies or counsellings.

Personal trainer for weight loss

Personal trainers for weight loss usually own a degree in  the mentioned field. They set goals for their clients so they lose weight, the goals are decided by observing the strengths and weaknesses of the client. The personal trainer checks upon the client’s exercise as well as diet and either before or after the exercise the trainer does assessment of the client’s fitness.

Personal trainers usually do not guarantee results because it depends more on the motivation and willingness of the client to achieve goals. If you want to lose weight and do not perform exercise then this would not make you lose weight. Weight loss can occur in weeks and sometimes in months. You have to watch out your food intake and routine. Even if you take a handful of nuts it can have a huge impact on your diet. If you cannot control yourself from eating some food items then do not let them enter your house. Have a heavy breakfast but light dinner. Try eating in red plates because red plates are proven to make people avoid them. Note down on a paper on in your phone even if you have taken a single bite of cake because that will make you go cautious about your food intake.

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