Until recently, the exchange of SD cards (memory) media players in the digital display is the most common technology for updating media playback. SD cards are relatively inexpensive; they are easy to copy several places and are reliable. Unfortunately, media players to exchange upgrade SD cards will not win many more usability than shipping VHS tape around like we did 20 years ago. Today, there is a much better method available. Today, digital signage companies in UAE have on offer the best digital display using the ubiquitous cloud media player technology that offers safe, efficient, scalable, and instant deployment. These networks clouds have overcome serious challenges for deployment and content security. Therefore, this new approach to digital signage is gaining ground in the industry. As a result, companies are experiencing greater transparency, more cost savings and reduce the maintenance costs of its digital signage systems.

Going mobile

When searching for media digital signage players today, do not forget mobile interactivity on the list! With the integration of NFC and Beacon in retail systems reinforce their commitment to existing and potential customers. Two-way communication between the players and the media to their customers via their mobile devices to help by sending more personalized messages to users. This targeted approach has improved the overall experience and maximizing the impact of digital display technology.

Impact on consumer’s behavior

When you have a market depends on impulse, namely, boutiques, restaurants, and Take-a-way, to name a few, you have it made. Disrupt the normal pattern in the brain impulse purchase decisions of consumers. the logical sequence of actions of consumers replaced by moments of irrational self-gratification. Item impulse emotional appeal to consumers. Some impulse items are not considered functional or necessary in the lives of consumers.

Good signage solutions are designed to trigger the impulse of customers. They do so by exposing promotional messages at the right place at the right time – nudge consumers to detect that something that evokes a particular passion in it – which in turn brings them directly into their box.

Increase your company’s profile

Many SMEs also realize that not only generate a return on investment (ROI). Of course, we know that striking and can easily tempt images with saliva or increase impulse sales through careful message using the power of movement and change. But now they also save money on the screen creates the effect of modernization; at a lower cost than making major infrastructure improvements and investing in LED screens in Dubai.