Flowers are the best creature of God. These are the most beautiful structure on surface of the plant. Flowers are form as bud and grow into the flower then it convert into the fruit after pollination. These flowers have many sources in our life. We can use flower for breeding, it is source of honey, some flower uses in medicine, some uses for scent or perfume and some for decoration. You can get so many facilities through flowers. Nowadays it has become easy to get flower at home because of online apps that helps you for your needs. This online service is getting popular in Middle East. These online apps provide you Flower delivery in Abu Dhabi. There are many Flower shops In Abu Dhabi who are providing online service with free delivery. It is true that flowers are most important for decoration but flowers are also used for many other things.

Here are some important uses of flowers.

1. It is best Source of food: all vegetables that we use in food are made by flowers. As we know that fruit seed is formed from flower. And after becoming flower this gives us fruit such as rice, maize, wheat, nuts and grams.

 2. Best Source for honey: almost every one knows about honey and how much honey is important for our lives. It keeps us away from many diseases. But did you know that how honey produce? Well the honey bee visit the many flower and suck up the nectar and then reach to the comb. This nectar undergoes changes in the bee and ultimately it is released as honey. And this honey is used for various purposes like for food, in medicines, sweating agent, and other many health purposes.

3. Source for medicine: flower is also used in some medicines. It is the good source for medicine. Most important medicine anticancer drug is produced from the flower and form other parts of plants. It is also used for medicine like hyoscyamus, menthol etc.

 4. Best for Perfumes and scent: some flowers have so much beautiful smell and fragrance like rose, jasmine, hollyhock, and marigold. These flowers are used in scents and perfumes. Perfume producers extract the fragrance in the form of oil and use it for making scent.


5. For Decoration:  one of the most important uses of flowers is decoration. Flower is used in many events such as marriage anniversary, birthday parties, wedding parties etc.