UAE is a place where if you have a business and want to become the sole owner of it, well, that is impossible. This is because you have to get an Emirati which will be 51% shareholder of your business. UAE is known as the best country to do business and people from all over the country come to UAE to do different business activities. This country has received many awards for their business ideas which attract investors and entrepreneurs. The 2020 expo has rumored to bring the easiest policies to do businesses of every kind and people from worldwide will attend this expo.

You can become the sole owner of your business in UAE and that is done by doing business in the free zones of Dubai and free zones of other states. Free zones are also called free trade zones. In these zones, the businesses don’t have to have an Emirati partner, or pay different taxes like; income tax, value added taxes (VAT), customs and corporate tax. But the most locals of UAE don’t trust such companies because they think that a company not having their guy is most likely to be not much of the worthy of trusting them. Dubai is the first state which introduced the free zones system to UAE because in 2013, the businesses had a massive drop down and the economy was weakened. This is because not all businesses could pay the heavy taxes.

Most multinational industries and companies are set in the free zone. And the free zones have a lot demand of employees and they recruit from all over the world. Another advantage of having a free zone company is that the employment visa is of 3 years while the employment visa of non-free zone is of 2 years. The most successful running businesses in UAE are those who have companies in free zones. But if the company free zone needs a business in loan, it is very difficult to get. Since free zone companies are not considered trustworthy it can become very difficult for them to get a simple vehicle loan as well. To get a loan the free zone company must be very big and must have more than 100 employees and must be eligible according to the rules.

If you want to visit the free zone and do business it is best to take a 14 days Dubai visa cost and travel there personally. You can also get the facility of A-to-A visa change which is known as the airport to airport visa change if you want to extend your visit by any chance.