English can be a love-hate language. There are people who love English and there are who hate it and if you have taken English language as a career then you are definitely the both of these people. Because if you are a song writer or a poet, you will run out of ideas and you might hate English then and when an idea strike you and you make millions out of it then you will love English. The most popular novels are sold in English and almost every novel in the world in converted into English. But did you know English has some amazing facts which are not known to many!

If it wasn’t for Shakespeare, English would have been an old or a dead language, we can all thank him a lot. He used to write many dramas and poetry in English and when they were played people were mostly lost because he used new words that were never spoken before but he explained those words by actions and till now this technique is used worldwide to teach English language or any other language. Shakespeare added more than 1000 words to the language like; bedazzled, addiction, cold-blooded, break the ice and swagger. Shakespeare also made a trend of sayings and quotes which are still famous. 

English is nothing without French language. If there was no French language then English would have been very difficult because there are many French words in language and even sentences. In 1066, the Britain used old French language and gradually merged some of the words with English words and English then started to grow. And when Germany began to come in power and took over Britain after some years, then English got some Germanic vocabulary as well. People say that English started from United States but the fact is that United States doesn’t have any official language because, U.S. came into being by different native tribes. If you want to learn English, get yourself enrolled in IELTS classes and you can find some of the best IELTS training centers in Dubai.

The third runner up language in this era is Arabic and second in French and Spanish. You can have different online classes for learning Arabic for beginners. Arabic music is becoming latest hype of the era and if you learn it on expert level, you can join this field.