Many students do not know the types of IT companies or the distinction between them because of their lack of dealing with students. Here, it is exactly the same thing that I describe from the viewpoint of my students when choosing a career. In general, IT firms are divided into two as service-based and product-based firms.

  • Service-based companies are one of the types of IT companies which give end-users of their brand services or products directly. They work instead for other clients. These are the corporations in our state that hire from ordinary universities. In most cases, they will never ask students to attend their interview only in Computer science or IT. Instead, the interview process will be opened and selected for each department including civil and mechanical. There are also some situations in which such organizations hire you and your accession date is only one year later.
  • We should practice for around three months when you are in the workforce according to your needs. After a few tests focused on the preparation, they just placed into the work. You will not be trained in core education but will use some specific tools and APIs from other product companies in the training too. The job will also be a kind of regular job with less learning and no up-to-date technology. There is also a phase in which people spend their time idle on campus on these types of companies because the project is not open. Such businesses are generally very rigid in terms of their daily schedules and dress code.
  • The companies that work on their own products and sell the goods to end users are product-based. You should look for candidates with good technical and subject expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies and resources. Most of the time, they would recruit students with a specialty. In most of their interviews, the manager will have at least one round of experience. You must determine if the applicant meets your expectations and suits the team.
  • In manufacturer firms, it is the same commodity that you work for years while it is mostly in production (in rare cases for years). In most cases, the product-based companies find that the loss of their workers will be a huge loss because a new employee takes more time to experience their goods. The price will be considered as the king by product companies and the consumer as the king by company. You have more chances to learn there, since you have a new problem and write code from scratch.

For both kind of IT support Dubai has been providing jobs since decades. This is why technology has become easier and made it easy to find IT solutions in Dubai.