We all know that social media marketing is becoming important tool of the marketing and nowadays almost every business is doing marketing through internet such as on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and on Twitter. And it has many more benefits to marketing on social media but with some benefits here are some disadvantages too that we should consider also like there could be business risks for you and hidden cost is much more than other advertising tools.

You can advertise your product or services on social media and it’s easy; but sometimes you have to pay for it. Hackers are in this industry are very bad impact they can hack your page or group where you post your products and can misuse it on your behalf. So it can be harmful for your business and can affect your business. So sometime its insecure to advertise on internet. You have to share your personal information on internet which can also be use negatively. Branding agencies provide you such tools which can secure your page or group. Some creative agencies in Abu Dhabi gives a proper security and if there is lacking you can legally go to the court or can go to the cyber crime branch to report this negligence.

Here we have some disadvantages that we should read before going to social media marketing.

Risks for business

Well your business is your asset and you can’t bear to losing it and when you go for marketing through social media you have to hire the specialized employee who can handle your social media marketing in better way. And if they feel that they are not treating well in the company they can misuse your page or groups and can damage you through internet. So getting social media marketing for your product has risks sometime. And it happens sometime that if a customer is not happy they can post a negative comment on your posts. It will also bring bad impact. And if you delete the comment other users will think that your are trying to hide something.

Legally risks

On social media have also legal risks. Your personal information can be leaked and hackers can hack your page and it takes too much time to handle this situation legally. Your competitors or people who don’t like your company or product can posts false advertising about your product. And on social media you cannot judge that what is true or what is false.

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