Best LOL Recorder for Game Capture – Top Reviews of 2018

If you are looking for the best LOL recorder, then look no further than this review. We have gone through many different applications that are capable of recording games well – and LOL in particular – to come up with a list of the best League of Legends recording software. Each of these League of Legends game recorder application is separated into a different category, so that you can choose which features are going to be the most important to you.

For example, do you want the recording application with the most features or would you prefer the one with the lowest (or no) price tag. Whichever way you lean, these reviews of the best LOL recorders for game capture will definitely be enough for you to find the perfect one.

Top Pick – Best League of Legends Recorder Overall: LOL Replay Tool

Top Pick – Best League of Legends Recorder Overall: LOL Replay Tool

When it comes to the best League of Legends recorder overall, the LOL Replay Tool has our vote. When you want to record in-game moments like great achievements or someone else’s greatest fail, you have to have your recording tool running whenever you’re playing. Unfortunately, that usually means that your user experience isn’t as good. That’s why the LOL Replay Tool is the best option for capturing all of your best LOL moments. The tool is designed by the game creators, and it works seamlessly with the game to allow you to go back and check out an instant reply, as smooth as you would see on your television screen while watching the Superbowl.

So, how does the LOL Replay Tool work? You may remember that Riot has been promising its followers that they will come up with such a tool for many years. Well, last year, they finally came through, long after everyone had given up hoping for it and talking about it. Instead, people were using other tools (many of them listed below within this review article), not realizing that behind the scenes Riot was actually coming up with such a tool. The way that this tool works is right within the LOL client. You just download your replay from within the game and then go to a specific location on your computer to access it. You can also find the match that you want to check out in your match history. Then you can play it in game just as if you were in the battle all over again and leveling up.

There is also a timeline that will allow you to search out important events in your characters history. For example, if you want to see your first kill all over again you can. You can check out dragon kills and tower destruction as well as a whole lot more. When you get to the perfect League of Legends moment, all you have to do is capture the video clip and you can save it to your computer and look at them offline, or upload them to a video sharing site like YouTube. By default your replays will be saved in the following location: “C:\Documents\League of Legends\Replays” while your highlights will be saved at the following internal address: “C:\Documents\League of Legends\Highlights”

Best Free LOL Recorder: Shadowplay

The best free LOL recorder out there – besides the included Game Replay Tool – is an offering from GeForce Experience from Nvidia. The tool is called Shadowplay and it is a really advanced game recording system that you will love. Currently, there are around 50 million PCs with Shadowplay already installed due to the inclusion of the application starting with the GeForce GTX systems. Those systems not only allow you to have this tool that makes recording gameplay a breeze, but your system is also optimized for the best gameplay. Those without a GTX system can still benefit from Shadowplay due to the GeForce Experience 2.0 update that includes the application.

This is truly one of the most impressive free systems out there. That’s because it has all kinds of features that include desktiop capture, Twitch streams automatically, support for notebooks and SHIELD GameStream. All those great games like League of Legends that will run on the Windows operating system can use Shadowplay, with streamers having full control over their streams even while they are in-game and have fullscreen enabled. You can use Shadowplay to capture your best gaming moments, do livestreams and record in the highest quality possible, all because it is made by Nvidia. Of course, you do have to have an Nvidia system installed for you to be able to use this application, but if that’s the case, you can record up to 4K at 60 frames per second. Plus, since the system is hardware accelerated, it isn’t going to affect your gameplay.

Shadowplay also automatically allows you to rewind your unexpected gaming moments and capture them. All you have to do is set a hotkey and you will be able to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay and save it to your computer. This is truly an impressive system and would be worth it even if it cost money. But if you have an Nvidia system and are able to download GeForce Experience 2.0, then you are set.

Best League Recorder for Mac

Best League Recorder for Mac: OBS

If you have a Mac, then you might want to try the best LOL recorder for Mac. It’s called the Open Broadcaster System or OBS for short. OBS is pretty awesome, especially since it is one of the programs out there with Mac support. But if you don’t have a Mac and you like this screen recorder don’t worry: Both Windows OS and Linux are also supported by this tool. So, how does OBS work? This stand-alone app just requires a quick download and start streaming and recording immediately. This works just as well for broadcasting your game as it does for recording it, with an unlimited number of scenes that you can set up beforehand made up of sources from anything you like including multiple computer screens, multiple webcams, video capture cards, images, text and a whole lot more.

In addition, the software includes a terrific audio mixer that you can use to capture various sources of audio. In fact, you can even set up filters for each particularly source, so even if you are using different audio recording devices, you can add things like noise suppression to make them sound like the other capture devices. Since the application supports VST plugins, you can get just about any effect you want on an audio source as well. This open source application supports all popular streaming platforms including Mixer, YouTube and of course, Twitch. You can do Facebook live streaming, you can use it to capture LOL for your Twitch channel, and you can even transition between video sources like a professional television station streaming a live event.

All you need is someone directing your cameras and creating text graphics, and you could create a broadcast that looks as professional as anything on TV. But all of the controls are at your fingertips, so you can do everything yourself. You can even create hotkeys for various actions so you only need one keystroke and the program will do all of the work for you. If you have a Mac – this is the program you want to use to record League of Legends.

Best Fully-Featured LOL Recorder: Screen Recorder

If you want all of the features that you could possibly use, then you might want to consider the best screen recording software for LOL with the most features. That screen recorder is called…well..Screen Recorder. The name might not be that imaginative, but the features and design certainly is. Aiseesoft has created this powerful tool to capture high-quality video and audio, and you can do a ton of stuff with that video and audio once you get it.

Let’s start with the video recording. You can decide exactly what your recording area is going to be. All you do is select the part of your screen you want to capture. You can also record full screen if you like. If you want to narrate audio without capturing any video, you can do that too. You can choose to capture your microphone, sounds that you play on your computer, or both at the same time if you want. You also are able to mix up those inputs any way you like so that you can create the perfect video and the perfect sound. You can create video tutorials and switch between things seamless, plus do a whole lot more with this application.

Once you have captured exactly what you want, then you have a lot of different options as to what you can do with it. For example, you can preview and save your video recordings. Just hit the recording button and stop it to finish. Then take a look at what you have and decide what format you want to save it in. You can then use it to screencast to about a thousand different types of applications or upload it. You can even use Skype or Teamviewer with the applications and has a ton of features to make your videos look clearer and more professional. For YouTube or vlogging gameplay, there isn’t much better than Screen Recorder.

Most Versatile League of Legends Recording App: FRAPS

Most Versatile League of Legends Recording App: FRAPS

Almost everyone has heard of FRAPS if they have been gaming or watching gaming videos on YouTube for any length of time. FRAPS was one of the very first game capture devices on the market, and a few years ago it was all anyone used. But we have chosen it because it is one of the most versatile recording applications out there. This app will work for any game that you could play. There may be a couple of games that will not run FRAPS, but we haven’t run into any of them so far.

FRAPS is an extremely lightweight application as well, and we considered listing it as the most lightweight tool instead of the most versatile instead. If you have any sort of decent gaming computer, FRAPS is not going to slow down your computer or frame rate while you are gaming. FRAPS will run extremely smooth and will capture video for a fairly long period of time without building up too much of a buffer to start slowing you down. This is a universal application that can be used for recording literally anything, and it is always updated to take advantage of the latest graphics quality. It is also a really good application for taking whatever screenshots you want. Just press a key and you get the perfect screenshot with a time stamp and a name that identifies it clearly.

The real beauty of FRAPS is that it is truly an application you can use with anything. If you are just recording League of Legend games, then you can probably use the replay tool that is already included with the client. However, if you plan on recording all kinds of games, you will find that not all of these tools work with all of the games that you play. But if you have FRAPS, then you are covered no matter what you are doing or what game you are playing. Keep in mind, you do have to pay for FRAPS. There is often a free trial so that you can try the application out, but if you want full functionality, then you will have to pay a one-time fee to own it. You’ll get all future updates with it though, so it is well worth it.

Best Lightweight LOL Recorder:

If you want a really lightweight game recording application for League of Legends, then check out what the wizards have done at That’s not only the name of the tool, that’s also the web address for it. This tool is used by a lot of gaming pros, and it has almost as many features as some of the most fully-packed applications on this list. There are two versions of this app. The first is the original, which works well, but isn’t as smooth or fully-featured as the Beta. But you can download the Beta if you want instead.

The beauty of this tool is how lightweight it is, especially if you want to record League of Legends. It also works in a lot of other games. Like the Nvidia tool, this will give you the last 30 seconds of a replay so that you can see exactly what happened, and then save the video clip if it was noteworthy enough to save on your hard drive and come back to lately. For many of the top games out there, major events are already recorded. This includes League of Legends. Things like kills, deaths and any other notable event that is programmed into the application is already recorded and saved. Of course, the developers are constantly updating, not only adding new games, but improving the current automatic events on the list of games they already support.

This application also allows you to automatically share those moments that you want people to know about on popular applications like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Discord. This doesn’t have nearly as many features as some of the other applications on this list, but it certainly has enough, and the fact that it never slows down your gameplay – assuming you can play the game at medium quality already – is a pretty big benefit in itself.

Highest Quality Premium League of Legends Recording Tool: Elgato Game Capture HD

Highest Quality Premium League of Legends Recording Tool: Elgato Game Capture HD

When it comes to premium quality recording tools, you are going to have to leave the world of recording applications and enter the world of hardware solutions. That’s exactly what the Elgato Game Capture HD tool is. This is a completely separate component that you plug into your computer and that will record your gameplay for you in the highest quality possible, without any interruptions or slowdowns. The benefit of taking the recording completely away from your computer is that you can set this up and forget about it, then go play your game as you normally would. This game specifically supports League of Legends, and it will give you a crisper, more professional recording than anything else on this list.

Of course, as you might have guessed, this is also going to be the most expensive tool on the list, especially considering how it is a piece of hardware and not just a software application. But once you have ordered the device and it has arrived, you can set it up within a few minutes and never have to worry about capturing your best gameplay moments ever again. Once you have your recording (which starts and ends with two big buttons that are on your window) then you can use the included editing features to create the perfect video for you to upload to YouTube. Check out some of the demo videos of this device and you will be really impressed at just how amazing it is.

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