Best League of Legends Merchandise – Top Reviews of 2018

When it comes to finding the best League of Legends merchandise, there are a lot of places that you could look into. But there are definitely a couple of places that has the best stuff, and buying from them will not only ensure that you are getting the best merch, but that you are supporting the people who actually play League of Legends and not someone who may not even love the game.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with supporting actual fans who might have made something cool that you would want to buy or even wear, but the best stuff can only be found at the official website and the ones that have permission to sell LOL gear. Let’s take a look at what is out there when it comes to League of Legends stuff, and help you decide how you want to show your love for the game.

Best Apparel-Related League of Legends Merchandise from Riot

Best Apparel-Related League of Legends Merchandise from Riot

League of Legends apparel is one of the most popular types of merchandise out there, and one of the best places to get it is from the official Riot merch website (

There is a huge selection of clothing there for both men and women and you are sure to find something that you really like.

There are three basic categories of clothing within the Riot website: shirts, hoodies and loungewear. If you take a look at the shirts category, you will notice a severe lack of men’s shirts. In fact, the only two options are women’s shirts and unisex shirts. However, there are tons and tons of options to choose from, with over five pages of League of Legends shirts available. They range from $10 to around $30 and you can sort them by size (S to 2XL), by price or even by champion. This is one of the reasons why the Riot website is one of the best places to get shirts.

If you look in the hoodies category (which also includes jackets), you will find some cool stuff as well. Prices start for jackets at around $45 and go all the way up to over $200. However, these are really warm jackets that you will really love, and they have some really cool designs. It is worth every penny for these officially licensed League of Legends hoodies and jackets.

The last thing in the clothing category is sleepwear, something that you are going to need when you are playing LOL until the wee hours of the morning. However, the only thing that was listed at the time of this writing was a Tibbers onesie. They would probably be able to sell pajamas with LOL artwork if they listed them, but for some reason there are none.

Best League of Legends Clothing From RedBubble

League of Legends Clothing is also available in a wide variety of items – seemingly unofficially – from one more website – RedBubble. If you didn’t find what you are looking for on the Riot merch site, then you might find it at RedBubble.

They have a pretty impressive selection, although this is one of those websites where you will notice that nothing explicitly states the name of a champion, the official LOL logo or even the full name League of Legends. However, there are some pretty cool items that can be found on this website.

One of the things that make this worth visiting is the inclusion of products for men. They have both a men’s and a women’s department. The first subcategory within the gender listing is t-shirts. These are different t-shirts than you will find on the riot site and they carry sayings like “I’m so OP” and “I Don’t Lift..I Carry.” The nice thing about these shirts is that there are dozens and dozens per page, and at least five pages, so you literally have hundreds of choices and are sure to find something that you love.

As for the sweatshirts and hoodies, they are priced about the same as the hoodies and jackets from the Riot merch site, with the same LOL-type sayings that are on the tees. There are plenty of these to choose from as well, with dozens per page and at least five pages of listings. If you like tank tops, there is also a massive selection of those as well.

Best Artsy League Merchandise

Are you looking for art that features League of Legends so that you can let everyone that comes into your home (or possibly your office cubicle) know how much you love the game? Then you might love the art that is being offered at the official Riot merch site. There isn’t a huge selection, but there are two different categories to choose from: posters and art books. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if this was one of the more popular products with LOL customers because there are only four posters featured in that section and three of them have already been retired.

That leaves just one at the time of this writing. It is possible that they are simply in the process of getting some new posters made and haven’t yet updated the site, but there is no way to be sure.

As far as the art books go, there are two to choose from and they are really cool. The first one is $75 and the other is $150 but if you are a true League of Legends fan you will absolutely adore the artwork that is in these books. These books have beautiful leather covers and the interiors are everything that you could want form artwork from your favorite game. If you have the money to spend, then you should definitely be checking out these books. You might be able to find actual artwork and posters on other sites, but it is unlikely to be officially licensed.

Best LOL Merch That is Collectible

Best LOL Merch That is Collectible

Do you want some collectible merch that will show how much you love the game to your friends and family members? If so, you are not alone. This appears to be the second most popular category for LOL merch, with tons of stuff being offered. There are four different categories of collectibles that you can browse. Let’s look at each one in detail:

Figurines: The first category is figurines, and there are tons of them, all featuring official League of Legends champions or other figures from the game. These range in price from $10 to more than $60 and there are seven pages that are completely packed with figurines. One thing that is pretty awesome about these figurines is that you can choose from about two dozen different champions and see only the figurines of those champions.

Pins: The next collectible subcategory is pins. Unfortunately, there were only about half a dozen of these at the time of this writing and they weren’t all that impressive. However, there was a supercool League of Legends World Championship pin down at the very bottom. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have updated it for the current year; still a cool collectible though, especially if you were there.

Plush & Statues: The last two categories are plush toys and statues. The plush toys number about two dozen and are pretty cool. They also don’t cost that much – about what you would pay for a plush toy in a department store. The statues are much more expensive, but the thing that you have to understand is that they are hand-painted and incredibly detailed. This is truly a work of art that you would be proud to have sitting on your mantle.

Best League of Legends Merch Accessories

If you want to shop League of Legends accessories on the official website there is definitely a lot there to choose from. Accessories are all kind of lumped into a single category, even though they are comprised of lots of different items. One of the first things that you will find in the accessories category is about a dozen different League of Legends keychains.

Now you can carry around your love for the game whenever you get into your car or open your front door. These feature several different champions and are joined by a really cool (and very inexpensive) League of Legends card set.

Another thing that you’ll run into when it comes to League of Legends accessories is the trusty mousepad. If you play, then you know that your mousepad is one of the most important tools in every battle you take part in. How cool would it be to be able to combine your gaming mouse with an actual League of Legends mousepad. However, at $18, these pads are a little more expensive than they need to be.

If you keep browsing through the accessories, then you will come across some pretty cool hats, which you think would be big enough sellers that they would have their own category in apparel. However, you can get a hat here if you want one, and not just baseball caps, but also a Corki hat and a Teemo hat. You will also find mugs, wristbands, backpacks and coasters in the accessories section as well. Finally, there are a few other odds and ends like a Tibbers mug, a keychain and a notebook set with officially-licensed artwork.

Best LOL Board Games

Best LOL Board Games

Sometimes you just want to get together with friends and play a game off the computer. But how do you do that and still fill your craving for LOL? The way is with League of Legends board games. Unfortunately, there is just a single board game on offer from Riot right now. It is called Mechs vs. Minions, and here is a list of what you’ll get in the box:

  • 5 reversible game boards
  • 4 command lines (one for each player)
  • 4 painted mech miniatures
  • Ability and damage decks
  • A sand timer
  • A bomb-like power source miniature
  • 6 metal trackers
  • 4 acrylic shards
  • 4 dice
  • 100 minion miniatures

As you can see, there is a lot to this game, and it is not only officially-licensed and themed with League of Legends stuff, it is also a beautiful product with lots of variety.

At $75 it’s a bit more expensive than most of the board games out there, but well worth it for everything that comes with it.

Best League of Legends Smartphone Cases

One of the best ways to show your love for LOL is by getting a phone case with actual artwork from the game. While the apparel at RedBubble may not have been officially licensed, the phone cases that they sell definitely have to be, because they contain pictures of champions and lots of game artwork.

We assume this is because the Riot merch site sells apparel as well, and doesn’t want to license those particular items; but there are (if the results can be believed) nearly 10,000 phone cases to choose from featuring League of Legends on the RedBubble site.

The nice thing is, they don’t just have cases for Smartphones. They have cases for all kinds of mobile devices, including sleeves for tablets. There is a very functional filter tree included on the left sidebar so that you can narrow down those 10,000 choices to the type of phone case or mobile device sleeve that you are looking for. It would be nice if you were able to narrow down your choices by champion, but unfortunately that’s not one of the features offered by RedBubble. However, there are tons of champions included just from the brief browsing that we did in order to write this review. You are sure to find exactly what you want, although it may take you a while to go through all of the results.

Best League Merchandise for Kids

If you have kids, then you want to share your love for League of Legends with them, even if they don’t play it yet. If they do play, then they are going to love the League of Legends merch that is intended for kids as well. Everything that is discussed here is available on the RedBubble website. There are a few things that you can find for kids on the official Riot merch site, but nowhere near the selection that RedBubble has. Plus, they have clothing that is made for kids, which is something that the Riot site is severely lacking.

Let’s start with the clothing. The honest truth is, RedBubble has an extraordinary amount of baby and kid’s clothing. They have nearly 1000 different pieces and you can sort them by size (or age) or by the type of clothing that you are looking for. If you want to find League of Legends kid’s clothing, the place to get it is definitely RedBubble. The official site doesn’t have any, and no other site could possibly have this kind of selection.

You will also really love some of the other LOL kid’s stuff that you can find on RedBubble. For example, when it comes time to buy your kids a new backpack for school, why not get them a League of Legends backpack, or get them LOL school supplies from there as well. You have to browse around, but you can definitely find plenty of kid’s items on RedBubble if you look for them.

Best Alternative Places to Find LOL Stuff on the Web

Best Alternative Places to Find LOL Stuff on the Web

One of the best places to find stuff is a League of Legends Etsy store. There are quite a few of them out there. The cool thing about an Etsy store if that these creators actually make their own stuff, and while it might not be officially licensed for made by professionals, it is often made with the love of a fandom, which can be even better. You will find a huge variety of LOL stuff on Etsy if you look for it.

However, mostly you will find unofficial apparel, artwork of various types of lots of different accessories like bracelets, necklaces, beaded bags and more.

You can also find a lot of League of Legend stuff on eBay if you look for it. Sometimes, you can get really lucky and come across someone who doesn’t play the game anymore and wants to recoup a few of the bucks that they put up for officially licensed merch. However, most of what is on eBay is items that people are trying to buy and sell at a profit to LOL players. There isn’t’ a whole lot there.

As for software or apps, you may want to play with a game capture and you can find the best LOL recorder for game capture in this article.

You just have to search around the web if you want to find League of Legends merchandise. We have covered the officially licensed stuff, and as near as we can tell, this is the only officially licensed stuff available. But you can still look around at different websites and see what is being offered like our hand leveled accounts service where your LOL account will be leveled up by real and epic LOL players. But there is a certain logic in buying officially licensed merch. The more we spend on it, the more money they have to make the game that we all love even better.

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