Funniest League of Legends Memes on the Internet

When it comes to League of Legends memes, there are a lot out there to choose from. You can check out dozens of different sites that have different memes. Some of them are good, some of them are terrible, and there are a few that are simply brilliant. We have gathered up a few that we find especially endearing, either because they speak to the majority of LOL players, or have demonstrate their meme with a really great picture or the perfect text to go with it.

Making memes is a bit of an art form, but the people behind these ones definitely have it down. Let’s take a look at the funniest League of Legends memes on the internet.

When it comes to 1v1, someone has to be the winner and someone has to be the loser.

When your friend challenges you with all of the confidence in the world and you beat the crap out of them in the battle, it is hard to keep the smirk off of your face. Who knows what Kermit was thinking in this original picture, but there is no doubt that the expression perfectly displays how the winner of a 1v1 battle that they never expected to win feels inside.

That’s pretty impressive, considering that Kermit is a muppet; and who knows, maybe he just finished a 1v1 with Fozzie Bear.

There are a million jokes out there about Brand, usually ending up with some kind of joke about how “he’s on fire!”

This meme takes it quite literally, showing a man that was literally on fire as a well-made Brand cosplay.

It’s too bad that lighting a fire indoors is so dangerous, because someone that could master flames like Katniss and Peeta did in The Hunger Games could win just about any cosplay contest out there. As for the subject of this meme, we just hope someone put him out quickly and that the hospital had a large supply of morphine for his recovery.

Everyone knows that Bronze players are at the bottom of the heirachy when it comes to League of Legends.

But this meme has determined that no matter where you are in the heirarchy, if you play Yasuo, Teemo or Riven as a main, then you are even lower than Bronze players.

There is a universal hate among LOL players for Riven in particular, and this is defintiely not the first meme to speak to that. In fact, there is another meme on this list that presents virtually those same characters negatively in a brand new way.

The bottom line is that, like Rodney Dangerfield, Yasuo, Riven and Teemo get no respect.

So true, internet meme Gods. So true. Yes, studying is important.

In fact, if you don’t study, you won’t get a good job, which will allow you to buy a really good computer and a huge monitor and a big internet cable with lots of bandwidth running through it – oh and a killer video card – so that you can play League of Legends far into adulthood.

So, there is no question that studying is important, also for those other more boring reasons. But the call of Diamond is so strong. Even if you are a noob, the presence of the LOL icon on your desktop will make it hard to concentrate.

The fact is, not everyone can afford a massive setup and a killer rig.

If you spent all of your money on your video card, and you didn’t spend any on a cooling system, it might be perfectly reasonable for you to duct tape a desk fan to your tower. Sure, your friends and family members are going to think that you’re pretty weird, but if you can play League of Legends without your framerate dropping, then it will be well worth it. So, don’t despair that your setup doesn’t rival the one in your dreams yet.

Just keep plugging away a piece at a time and you’ll be playing on that dream system soon enough.

Does it feel like the people you play with are a bunch of chimpanzees who got out of their cages and found the controllers in the lab’s rec room?

Does it feel like the other team is a practicing team for the world championships every single time?

That’s what the creator of this meme thought, and whoever he or she is, they definitely have a point. When you lose (and especially if it happens often) you can feel like there is some kind of negative karma thing going on everything you and your time go out into the world to play.

It can be tough to get your friends to queue up for a game sometimes.

Just because you have an insatiable desire to play League of Legends all the time doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your friends share the desire. But what you have to do is make yourself as impossible to resist as Gandalf.

After all, what hobbit could refuse sharing an adventure with the great wizard. Unfortunately, not everyone is as cool as Gandalf, and depending upon which character you are playing and your experience level, you might not be able to get your friends to go on that “adventure.”

Yep, it’s true. Most of the tough talking players who claim to be adults, professional gamers or pretty much any other thing that people claim in chat are going to turn out to be little kids.

That’s just a fact of life when it comes to playing LOL. Sometimes you can tell and sometimes you can’t, but this meme definitely has it right about voice chat.

Voice chat reveals the truth, and 10-year-olds who claim to be 30-year-old men are going to have a really hard time fooling anyone when they have to use their microphone. Luckily, everyone else will be able to use voice chat to laugh at their squeaky little voices, which will almost make up for all of the insults they sent your way during your last game.

There is no doubt that sometimes, League Legends could easily be called League of A**holes and be totally legit.

Sometimes the people you play with – or against – are just terrible people. Maybe they are just having a bad day, but many act like that all the time. It’s like they disregard society’s norms whenever they are in chat.

But there are good people playing League of Legends too. You just have to find enough of them and add them to avoid the huge number of jerks that seem to be everywhere in the game. Then maybe this meme will stop popping into your head every time you read chat.

The name of this meme is League of Legends Supports Make Awesome Parents.

It is actually a pretty cool meme because it showcases what happens with parenthood. You raise your kids well, and then they take care of you when you are older. A cruder version of this is that you change your kid’s diapers so that they will change your Depends when you get old.

In whatever form you choose to put it in, there is no doubt that this can describe both the child-parent relationship and the relationship between a League of Legends support and the rest of the party.

Every LOL player can relate to this meme.

Sometimes, you just want to throw your controller at the computer. Sometimes, you want to reach through the screen and punch the other players on your team. Sometimes, you want to scream angry insults (or type them in all caps in chat). Sometimes you feel like that.

In fact, if you are just learning, you might feel like that a lot. But just when you think you are done with League of Legends forever, that little itch comes back and you want to play it. You might even dig the shortcut out of your recycle bin and restore it to its rightful place on your desktop.

If you are a Harry Potter fan (of either the books or the movies) you will likely realize this bit of dialogue.

When Harry looks into the Mirror of Erised (which is Desire spelled backwards btw) he sees himself with his parents. When Dumbledore looks into the mirror, he sees himself holding up a nice pair of wooly socks – or at least that’s what he claims.

So, what does this mirror, which shows us the deepest and most desperate desires of our hearts show Graves? For a long time, it was simply his cigar that he wanted back. But in 2014, he finally got it back when they added it into the game once again.

Ah, the curse of having the money to get the skins that you want and then going in game and finding out that everyone expects you to be able to perform well because you have great skins.

But what if you are not very skilled with that champion yet? In fact, what if you kind of suck at League of Legends overall? That’s when having amazing skins become a curse.

That’s exactly what is demonstrated here, with a car that looks like a $80,000 sports car but runs like something that you might buy off of a guy on Craigslist for $800. Well, you’ll get better if you keep playing. In the meantime, maybe consider holding off on buying those skins.

Okay, so apparently Donald Trump (and all of the people agreeing with him) are not able to tell by this picture that Obama’s inauguration had a much bigger audience than Trump’s did.

Maybe Trump thinks that Obama’s crowd was made up of extremely wide, obese people and his was composed mostly of skinny children and munchkins.

In either case, both crowds pale in comparison to the number of people who play League of Legends. That cannot be in dispute, although if you ask Trump, he’ll probably try to claim that is the case. In case you’re wondering, in 2016, it was announced that League of Legends had over 100 million players that played at least once per month.

Yep, it’s true. League of Legends is like a Roach Motel for humans.

You can log on, but you’ll never want to log off. Even if life makes you log off to you know..go to work..shower and do all of those other things that interfere with your League of Legends game time, you’ll still be logging on the minute you get done with all that stuff.

That’s exactly what this meme demonstrates. You can attract a rat to a trap with cheese, but if you want to catch a human, then you really need to put a League of Legends shortcut prominently on his or her desktop.

Everyone has come across this player. Maybe they are desperate for people to play with because they have gotten a reputation for not being very good.

But when you battle with them and they turn out to be terrible, it’s not GG and “see ya” with them. They want you to queue up with them again! So, you have a choice.

You can either be a nice person and give them another chance, or you can simply ignore them and try to find a team that will make sure that you win your next battle. It’s really up to you and how seriously you are taking the game at that stage. If you are on your way to Diamond, then it is likely going to a no.

If your potential employer asks you if you play League of Legends, then you know that it is probably going to be a cool place to work.

However, if you tell them that you main Riven, then you aren’t going to get the job, unless for some reason they also happen to play Riven as their main character.

This is unlikely though. No one mains Riven unless they have to. So, unless you want your potential employer to wash their hands and throw your resume into the recycle bin – pick someone else. You lied on your resume already, right? Why not choose a respected champion instead. Then all you have to worry about is them asking you to play.

Yep, that’s right. If someone is saying they are going to report you and you didn’t do anything then it is likely that they are simply a crybaby who can’t handle playing with real players.
Unfortunately, you are going to run into these people from time to time in your League of Legends games.

The only thing to do is to simply ignore them and make sure that you do not play with them in the future. There are lots of kids playing League, and sometimes, you have to interact with someone who isn’t able to handle losing with grace. It’s just a fact of life when you play LOL.

It can be a little disconcerting when you are the only one with skin in game.

You can feel superior, sure, but your skill level might not even match up to your skin, like with the earlier meme we listed here. Even if that’s not the case, just because someone doesn’t have a skin doesn’t mean that they are a bad player.

So, try not to judge these people quite as harshly as the person who created (and then commented on) this meme. Maybe they can’t afford to buy skins or any LOL merchandise, but they still might be useful to you in a battle.

This is definitely one of the best memes that we have come across.

While lots of people hate on Master Yi, Yasuo and especially Riven, this is a meme that demonstrates exactly why they aren’t getting any respect. What’s funnier is that it uses some sort of Wizard of Oz comic panel to demonstrate this. It looks like an older comic, but judging by the laptops and the fact that their hands are on the mouses, this panel was likely drawn for the very purpose of making this meme.

That makes us give mad respect to the person that created it, not only for their drawing ability and their wit, but also because this meme rings true for every LOL player who has ever played these characters.

Finally, we have a meme that everyone who has played LOL for any length of time can relate to.

That’s because everyone has run into someone who claims to be a platinum smurf (or any of the other higher levels) but cannot follow through with enough gaming skill to demonstrate it. Just because they are on a new account shouldn’t negate their basic gaming skills and the experience that they have already gotten with playing League of Legends.

So, when you come across someone claiming to be a smurf with a high level main, be skeptical if they cannot follow through. On the other hand, maybe they are just having a bad day. That does happen from time to time.

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