Best Games like League of Legends in 2018

For the true fan, there are no games better than League of Legends. But there are a few online games like League of Legends out there when you need a break or want to try something new. However, whether the game is like LOL is a matter that is really subjective; because while some people are looking for games to replace League of Legends with the same sort of setting and characters, others are simply looking for similar game mechanics.

The bottom line is that in order to find a League of Legend alternative that will work for you personally, you’ll have to know what similar characteristics you want in a game. That’s why we have put together this list of LOL replacements in eight different categories, so that you can choose the perfect one for you. Note that many of these games crossover into multiple categories, so we have chosen the strongest category to place them in.

Games like League of Legends in the Fantasy Genre

Games like League of Legends in the Fantasy Genre

Sometimes, you want to play fantasy characters like the champions in League of Legends. There is something satisfying about wielding a powerful sword, slinging magic spells and using custom-armor to deflect blows which earn games like these a huge player base. There is a reason why so many people love going to Ren Faires, play fantasy role-playing games and LARP. Let’s look at some of the games similar to LOL that are based in the fantasy genre.

World of Warcraft

You cannot list fantasy games that are similar to League of Legends without mentioning World of Warcraft. Odds are that you have played WoW before, or you may even play now, but if by some chance you have skipped out on this game until now, then you definitely should consider it as an alternative to League of Legends.

This isn’t a free game, and it has a gatekeeper subscription model that requires you to pay up front before you can start slaying and exploring the world, but ask any serious WoW player and they will tell you that the hours of enjoyment that they get out of their game is worth every penny of the monthly subscription fee.

World of Warcraft stacks up pretty well with the critics as well, earning a 7.3 out of 10 with Metacritic, and the world that is created within game is unmatched almost anywhere.

Diablo III

Another fantasy game that is extremely popular with players (although not so much with the critics of Diablo III). To be fair, this isn’t the best offering in the Diablo series. However, it is the one that is closest to League of Legends. This is still a fun game that has a decent player base. The fantasy world is pretty decent and will remind you of the world of LOL and the player has four abilities just in League of Legends. However, there are some differences as well.

You create a hero with gear and abilities and then follow the storyline of the game, battling dungeons, monsters and eventual bosses. This is a multiplayer game that starts off pretty easy but later on it can get a little more challenging. It’s a blast though if you get the right group of friends.

Games Similar to League of Legend because of Ranking Mechanic

Games Similar to League of Legend because of Ranking Mechanic

The ranking mechanic is one of the best things about League of Legends. Many a new player has eyed the coveted top spots on the list and imagined that it would be them one day that was listed up there. It could be you too. All it takes is a lot of hours of gameplay and some skills. You can also buy ranked accounts from gold to platinum tier and start leveling up from there. Here are some of the best games like LOL that have a ranking mechanic that you can try to compete in.

Starcraft II

Starcraft II is a ranked game that you will really enjoy playing. This game has a Metacritic rating of 8.2/10 and features real-time strategy and a world created by Blizzard. This game might not be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to all of the other League of Legends features that you know and love, but the ranking mechanic is very similar. Even more importantly, this is a terrific game that you will quickly get addicted to.

You can choose from three different races within Starcraft II, and each has different builds and units, plus each one does well with a different. If you want to test your mettle and see how far you can progress up the ranking ladder, then all you have to do is get into the 1v1 player arena and work your way to the top.

Free-to-Play Games like LOL

Free-to-Play Games like LOL

If finding free games like League of Legends is the most important factor in your search for games like LOL, then you will love these options. They are totally free-to-play, although there might be equipment that you have the option of upgrading to that costs money or there might be ads that you have to view in order for the company to provide you with the game.But as far as getting started and playing, they are all totally free.

Heroes of the Storm

Our first free game that is very similar to LOL is a MOBA game in the fantasy genre called Heroes of the Storm. HOTS features a lot of good stuff like the Blizzard Universe and lots of different mini-games. However, unlike LOL and some of the other games on this list there are no items to buy. Blizzard’s entry into the MOBA market is a pretty good game and gives you plenty to do besides the Blizzard’s entry into the MOBA market is a pretty good game and gives you plenty to do besides the 5v5 player battles that make up the majority of the gameplay.

Like LOL, Heroes of the Storm offers fast gameplay and you will enjoy it nearly as much as you enjoy playing League of Legends.

Super Monday Night Combat

Super Monday Night Combat is a free-to-play game that isn’t that popular yet. It also isn’t the greatest game out there, with a Metacritic score of only 3.7 out of 10. But when it comes to free games that are similar to LOL, it definitely qualifies. This game is a MOBA with a third-person shooting mechanic. You control a “Pro,” and said player-controlled “Pros” are divided into two teams. Like LOL, these are five-person teams and the object is to destroy the team’s base.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find enough players for a game on Super Monday Night Combat because it isn’t all that popular. But if you check it out during peak times, you should be able to get a few games in. Plus, did we mention it’s free?


We also want to include Strife in the free-to-play category. Strife is a terrific MOBA game that can be compared to both DOTA and League of Legends, but it has some differences that you might appreciate, especially if you get frustrated with LOL and some of the other games within the multiplayer-online-battle arena genre. The game is fast-paced and has lot of action, but without some of the complications that seem to plague this genre.

The creators of the game are trying to figure out how to get rid of the bad players that populate every gaming server as much as possible, and judging by what players have been saying, they have done a really good job at it so far.

MOBA Games like LOL

MOBA Games like LOL

One of the most popular categories when it comes to similar games to League of Legends is the MOBA category – or the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Basically, this means that you can go out there and fight with an army against another army.Massive player-versus-player combat is one of the best reasons to build an amazing gaming rig and it is going to get even better in the future. For now, here are some games like LOL that have a very similar MOBA mechanic.


DOTA 2 is a terrific MOBA game and it is probably the biggest competitor to League of Legends out there. If you haven’t played it yet, then you might be surprised just how much feels like LOL. However, there are some differences as well. This is also a game with micro-transactions as a monetary model, with the main difference between DOTA 2 and LOL being the speed of gameplay. DOTA 2 is a lot slower compared to the fast-paced battle scenes of LOL, and there are a lot more 1v1 player battles as well as a lot less exploring.

However, exploring does have advantages including unique abilities. DOTA 2 also offers voice chat, which is a really nice feature.


The other MOBA game that we decided to include here is an indie game that has been able to attract lots of players and get critics to rank it really high as well. This is a 2D game, so if you don’t like your games unless they are 3D, you might want to look elsewhere, but Awesomenauts is a really faced multiplayer game in the MOBA genre that gives you twenty different champions to choose from and allows you to have lots of freedom when it comes to figuring out ways that you can outsmart your opponents.

This multiplayer game is pretty awesome just like the name suggests and while it is not the closest game to LOL in the MOBA genre, this game is so good that we felt compelled to add it to the list. Besides, it is similar enough to scratch your League of Legends itch.


We are adding Supernova to the MOBA offerings listed here. This isn’t a fantasy game, so it might not be for everyone, but the science-fiction world built for the game is pretty cool. This is one of the few MOBA games out there that are set in the world of space, so if you are in the mood to try something different, then you might want to check out this one out. The mechanics do work somewhat similar to League of Legends, so you might be able to quench your craving for a League of Legends-like game with some differences with Supernova.

There is a lot of customization and you will really enjoy leveling up your hero.

Multiple Option Player-Versus-Player Alternatives to LOL

Multiple Option Player-Versus-Player Alternatives to LOL

Some people are also really into choosing how many people they want to battle with. Some games only give you the MOBA option, while others will only let you battle with one character at a time. But what if you have a party made up of some of your friends and you want to do battle with another party that is made up of the same number of people and evenly matched – and more importantly are actual player characters and not AI? That’s why these games that give you multiple PVP options are listed here for your pleasure.Although LOL is pretty much 5v5, lots of players wish that there were more options and these might give those players exactly what they are looking for.


Battlerite is a ranked game that you will really enjoy playing because of how many different options it offers you as far as the player versus mechanic. You can choose from 2v2 or 3v3 within the MOBA format and what is really unique about this game is that you can just battle casually without having to worry about leveling. The steam rating on this game is 92% positive and it gives you the same sort of arena that you might find in World of Warcraft, while still maintaining the feel of a multiplayer battle arena.

Games are fast-paced and you can finish up one in about ten minutes, plus you can get right into the action without having to level up or wait for a respawn. This is truly a casual game similar to LOL that offers multiple player battle options, which makes it a really positive entry for these types of games.

Prime World

The last entry in this category is a MOBA free-to-play game called Prime World. Price World gives you plenty of options for battle modes, including 3v3 and 4v4, but combines the hero development and customization of an RPG with the excitement of a battle-arena game. The game is based around two clans called the Keepers of Adornia and the Dokht Imperium. Players decide how the battles go and how the war eventually ends simply by controlling their characters.

This is a terrific world to become immersed in, and makes it very easy to care about the outcome.

Open World LOL-Like Games

Open World LOL-Like Games

One of the best features of League of Legends is the open world. If this is one of your favorite features as well, then you will really like the games that we have compiled here that have open-world formats.Of course, there isn’t much out there that can rival the open world of LOL, which is why it is one of the most popular games of all time, but they are pretty great as well, especially if you are looking for a League of Legends replacement.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

First up in the Open World category is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is a terrific game that is currently in Steam Early Access, and what is terrific about this game is that it is based upon the movie Battle Royale – which also inspired The Hunger Games (book version presumably). 100 players fight to the death on a deserted island in this open world game, which has already sold more than 24 million copies.

If you love the idea of just your character and your wits and weapons, fighting it out with 100 other people for supreme dominance and a chance to rule an island (there is no mechanic for that btw – at least not yet) then you will love PUB.

Games with Overpowered or God-Like Characters

Games with Overpowered or God-Like Characters

Finally, the last category is games that have OP characters – Gods, Demigods, or Legendary Warriors. These characters can be super fun to play and there are some games out there that have them.If this is your favorite part of playing League of Legends then you might like some of these alternatives that offer the same feature.


Smite is one of the best games that we could find in this category. However, it could also be placed in the free category as well as in the MOBA games category. This is a game that has gotten rave reviews, and introduces a new mechanic that you don’t find in too many other games including LOL: the third-person camera like you would have in WOW. Players choose their champions from various world religions and then upgrade your abilities, buy stuff and basically create a character as powerful as you can imagine.

There are also multiple play modes, which makes it a little different than LOL. You can do 5v5, 1v1 and more. This game also uses micro-transactions to make money.

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